Hard Floor Cleaning Service


Hard Floor Cleaning

Why spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing away at the grout lines in your kitchen, but it just doesn’t produce a result you’re satisfied with. Let a hardfloor cleaner in Dumfries take care of it for you!

With industrial standard machinery and chemicals, we can really dig the dirt out of that grout. With our grout colour restoration services, we can make it look like the day it was put down and seal it to keep it looking that way!

It’s not all about grout though. We can clean and seal natural stone floors, as well, preventing damage and making it easy to keep as clean as we left it.

What if cleaning a hard floor was as simple as wiping away a layer of dirt sitting on top of the tile? When we seal it, that’s what you can expect, as the seal prevents dirt from getting into the grain (stone or grout). With a professional identification process, we do scratch and acid tests that tell us exactly what type of flooring you have, even if we can’t identify it by eye.

This allows us to then ensure we’re using the best methods to clean and seal the floors, too. All your skirting and kickboards will be protected from moisture throughout the cleaning and no standing water or moisture will be left on your floor leaving it safe to walk on immediately after cleaning.

Hard Floor Cleaning Near Me:

Bringing the grout out to its original colour

A deeper clean than any off the shelf product or domestic machine

Removes greasy soils making a safer more hygienic environment

Food safe chemicals

Applies to hard floors

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